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At the same time, I think what you're saying is really true, which is that you'd like to reach a place eventually in which you can just tell stories about women." I'm a huge fan of westerns and zombie movies and classic horror, and just by virtue of being a woman and seeing the world through female eyes, that was the story that I knew how to tell and those were the characters that came to me.Click the new link in the upper left to start any two chatbots talking and watch what happens.

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I could just watch scenes of you sitting at the dinner table and talking for the full 90 minutes.

Julia: I wonder if they'll put this stuff in the DVD extras...

You're just looking for something honest and something thorough and complex and developed.

I think what I have found and why I've started writing is that you'll read scripts and even if it's a female lead in a script it's just one-note or one layer, like just because she's got a gun and is wearing pants doesn't mean that she's like, evolved.

I think when we delineate between strong female characters and not-strong female characters, not-strong female characters are the two-dimensional sidekicks in the male-driven action franchise.