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Post high school, White had surprised classmates by veering into the hard sciences.

He then surprised his family and himself by abandoning a pre-med track for electrical engineering.

"But the connectivity of the Internet is also an unprecedented mechanism for compassion, for understanding each other, ourselves, and our world. " But by the time White traveled from his Harvard postdoc to that DARPA briefing, he had already parlayed an electrical engineering degree from Oklahoma State University into a fellowship from the Department of Homeland Security, and earned his Ph. at the Center for Language and Speech Processing at Johns Hopkins University.

He'd also worked with Microsoft, MIT, IBM, and Google.

But apparent contradiction is White's secret sauce: He's an accomplished Ashtanga yoga practitioner who has been to war, a former government employee on a first-name basis with celebrity Buddhists and legendary hackers, and a practiced martial artist who's dedicated to the solitary sit-down science of staring at computer screens.