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He was also swept up in casual sex, drugs and alcohol, and undisciplined and unsupervised behavior.Fisher experienced an unsatisfying flirtation with Kate's sexy friend Jody (Valentina de Angelis).

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With an original storyline, it was still reminiscent of The Slumber Party Massacre (1982) and Sorority House Massacre (1986).

The newest camcorder model was cash-strapped college student Kylie Atkins (Ali Cobrin, known for going naked in American Pie's American Reunion (2012)) with a recently-widowed mother, one of many females in the rooms of a hacker-proof "girlhouse" mansion equipped with fifty surveillance cameras that streamed live action 24/7.

This amateurish docu-drama feature film was based on the difficult real-life efforts of a brave group of women who fought the double-standard body-censor laws in New York which stipulated that only men could be shirtless in public.

Societal taboos have always dictated that women cannot go bare-chested in public - the practice has been outlawed as an illegal criminal act in 37 US states.

The efforts of a persistent group of females resulted in the 1992 victory and legalization of public toplessness for women in New York City - although women could still be arrested for the offense.