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So the idea of dealing with sex in an Irish context is really funny and really important. Earlier this year, Brendan returned the favour by picking up Domhnall’s Ifta, awarded for his performance as Bob Geldof in the TV drama . Veritable armies of well-paid professionals produce those films.

The notion of Irish men having sex still seems faintly ridiculous unless you’re Colin Farrell.” Hall’s picture is very good on the way today’s younger people – even if they’ve yet to see a real bosom – learn a disturbing amount about the mechanics of sex from steamier corners of the internet. “We started off on a shoot in Wales with a ‘skeleton crew’ of about a hundred people,” he says. Then suddenly we were in the studio with 300 people.

You have this tiny set, but the production is huge. But the great thing is that I will never be that nervous again.

I may never have that many people looking at me again.” That experience allowed him to advance on to the set of with a certain degree of confidence.

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