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While pursuing Black and Blue, T-Lay punches a mentally disabled man. One of the guys then hits some of the "bad guys" in the crotch and more fighting continues (with people slammed into walls, kicked and punched).

Black punches T-Lay, but is then hit on the back of the head with a bottle.

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Suffering from the delusion that "I'm Bout It" suddenly made him a worthy filmmaker, and apparently having no one around him brave enough to truthfully comment on this film's quality or potential, he's delivered "da bomb" (and that's in the old sense -- not the current slang for something that's great).

Evidently trying to play like a full length version of skits often found on the now defunct TV show, "In Living Color," this film has neither the wit, charm, nor the talented performers to pull that off. show worked mainly because their spoofs on African American stereotypes were not only hilarious, but they were also short.

Why music video directors think they can shift to feature films is beyond me, but this film is a testament as to why that practice should be stopped.

Poorly constructed, unevenly paced, and featuring a wide array of bad acting, this wannabe urban caper spoof is about as bad they come, and should have gone straight to video instead of taking up space in the theaters. Although most of the material in this film isn't intended to be taken at face value, the following is present.

Master P, suffering from a lack of lyrics to lip synch with, or some choreography to help him across the screen, comes off so wooden that he'd make a totem pole proud of its thespian abilities. And Tommy "Tiny" Lister ("Jackie Brown," "The Fifth Element") doesn't get to do much other than play his normal hulking and menacing character.