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For the last couple weeks in my stay I’m probably going to visit Manila, the capital, in the far north of the Philippines, and then I’m going to come home to the U. I have some unfinished business to deal with back home.

I wish I could stay longer, but I want to talk a bit more about my experience living in the Philippines.

Just the other day there was this huge-ass karaoke party at my condo, going all the way until I guess, not the middle of the night, but late into the evening hours. That’s another thing Filipinos are in love with, karaoke. It’s not even a matter of whether you like the culture or hate the culture; it’s just as we grow up with a certain set of cultural expectations, expectations of how people behave and expectations of how we are supposed to behave, and when you go to a foreign country many if not all of those expectations are flipped on their head.

So it’s like learning a new language; not just a literal new language but a new way of dealing with people, dealing with the various peccadilloes of how these people do things.

So coming to the Philippines has forced me to unlearn a lot of programming, a lot of my native American programming dealing with strangers.