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i am just getting to the point that my faithfulness is being tested and i am now thinking of doing things too... Put a stop to it, cuz obviously, he can't make that sacrifice for you.

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maybe it is me who should be looking for sexual pleasures... In Evolution us humans transformed from a lowewr life form, and had many Animal Instincts.

I have been in the same boat as you for nearly five years. Not long after meeting he told me his fetishes.loves feet,pantyhose,facesitting,and being treated like a slave during sex.

His fetish started when he was 8 whem he first got hard.

He said he was watching superman 2.maybe there is something that your man has a fetish for..

now im very sexual cause im at that point in my life, i work, clean, cook, do special lil things for him if you know what i mean....