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Many times, they exist concealed in later works, remaining only as traces invisible to the naked eye.Modern technology like X-rays, CT scans, multispectral imaging, and robots are bringing these long-lost works to light.The process of scanning the whole manuscript is ongoing. The hidden text reads sideways across the page, rather than the bottom-to-top orientation of the manuscript’s surface. jewelers in Washington, DC, Dillon was repairing the president’s watch the day Confederate forces fired on Fort Sumter, which led to the US Civil War.

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Often, the text’s faint traces are indistinguishable from cracks and other irregularities in the wood.

The Codex was also reused multiple times, creating layer upon layer of hidden text. The Novgorod Codex may contain dozens—or even hundreds—of hidden text layers.

In 2000, archaeologists excavating Novgorod in Russia discovered the earliest known book made by the Rus’ people.

Made of three waxed wooden tablets, the Novgorod Codex contains so much hidden text that is has been labeled a “hyper-palimpsest.” (A palimpsest is a manuscript that has been scraped clean for reuse.) Dated to the 11th century, the Cyrillic text preserved two Psalms.

As desperate as they were to determine the message, the plate was too fragile to unroll.