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He wrapped his dead grandmother in plastic garbage bags to hide the smell of her decomposing body before dumping it on the floor in her Queens home. And that’s when Christopher Fuhrer, 30, led cops to a second-floor bedroom where they found the body of 85-year-old Erika Kraus-Breslin. A police source said Fuhrer quickly admitted that his grandmother died on May 21.The grandson surrounded the woman’s body with air fresheners, sprayed the area with Febreze and added more layers of garbage bags — 16 in all — as the stench got worse, police sources said. He never called 911, fearing he would be booted from the home after the elderly woman’s death.

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Recounting the events of the day before his grandmother died, Fuhrer told police he rolled her onto her stomach to relieve her bed sores and left the room.

Cops are investigating whether that may have killed her.

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