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A girl at work continues inquiring as to whether I got a gf yet. We’re not awesome companions and we just talk at work.Does she think about me or does she believe I’m unable to discover a gf myself and needs to offer assistance.Hot Girl Selfies, and the sexiest selfies experience!

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I realize that this sort of question is irritating to a great many people however I don’t ask this since I really like her or something, I’m recently intrigued.

Why is a girl continues inquiring as to whether I got a girlfriend yet in the event that she has a boyfriend?

You believe she’s decent and fun, however you consider her to be a sister. Which is fine if u wanna watch The Hottest Selfies.

She asks once more: The Hottest Selfies so you say no and she says she tries to persuade you by asking things.

On the other hand would she say she is simply being meddlesome?