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Novac sorted through thousands of online profiles on Cherry Blossoms, an online dating service that connects Asian women and foreign men, before finding his wife Evangeline.

Check out "My Imported Bride" by David Haldane to hear the story from an American man's point of view.

is a lively weekly look at Southern California through the eyes and ears of radio veteran John Rabe. covering everything that makes life here exciting, enjoyable, and interesting.

Enrile thinks that this cultural norm keeps women from leaving their marriage.

“These dating sites make me feel like we’re a commodity and you can buy and sell us like anything on e Bay,” Enrile, a Filipino herself, said.

I was sick of hearing about careers and reality TV. Having a casual arrangement with a somewhat Americanized Asian woman, while more fulfilling than your typical American chick, still wasn’t hitting the sweet spot. I did an eight week pre-trip seek and destroy mission on a few dating sites.

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    Tencent’s QQ was first released in 1999 under the name of OICQ, which was changed to QQ after the threat of a trademark infringement lawsuit by ICQ, the owned by AOL.

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    Imagine if you could save yourself an hour a week (or maybe more) by automating the process of updating charts and graphs. There’s an Excel technique for that, so put your geeking cap on, and let’s get to it. Before you know it, you’re throwing away an hour here and an hour there – or more, depending on how much of your workload is focused on reporting.

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    Russische Lieder von Banderos, Dima Bilan, Potap, Planka, Faktor 2 und viele andere gut bekannte russische Sänger.

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    Here’s how to use their website: Chat-Avenue is a site that takes the traditional approach online chatting.