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However, the vital question rests what happens to those who are already beyond any corrective surgery and are living the life of humiliation and being rejected many times by grooms, boyfriends and live-in partners.

“If successful, all Indian brides will be fair by 2020,” a hopeful scientist told Faking News.

To increase awareness about this campaign the government has already set up an agency to create advertisements that will be broadcast in national television and social media.

During inspection, they found that more number of girls from various settlements had dropped out.

“To ascertain the reason, we met the parents and the students.

After the successful eradication of Polio from India, the Health Ministry is now all set to eradicate one more vital malaise, i.e. A survey conducted by a matrimonial website on one million grooms all across the country found that 70 percent of the would be grooms want “fair girls” as their brides, 20 percent want “dark but sexy”, 5 percent want “dark with huge dowry” and only 5 percent want “dark if already pregnant by them” to avoid lawsuits.