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After her passing, and us reaching adulthood, we find disturbing clues about our current Balamb Garden’s headmaster, who appears to be one in sheep's clothing, as one particular occasion revealed clues about his sorcerer’s past.1. (As long as they're mxm and fxf.) I'm mostly looking for a Xander (!!! I'm totally down for Asch/OC and will try and accommodate you as well. I'm only about 15 hours into it, so no spoilers! I'd prefer AUs (kind of have a basic idea for one) or post-game. I’m looking for a Link and am looking to do a brand new Zelda roleplay where we split the cast and have fun times~! We'd each play a keyblade wielder or something and fill out the cast. I'm really up for anything here, except Lo K verse since he doesn't seem to fit in there so well. I would also prefer someone who is knowledgeable about the time period and the social norms and strictures. : I know I'm most likely looking for a needle in a haystack.

Set long before the time of Braska’s pilgrimage, starting from Luca. I mostly roleplay video games and original plots.- I am looking for people who play in the third person and post multiple paragraphs in their responses. I've played all three paths, but prefer Conquest and Revelation. Please, for the love of all things holy, do not play Neku as a weak willed little thing who won't tell Josh to go eff himself if he doesn't like what Josh is doing. If you're not up for that, I do love Sorax Riku--I'll be playing Sora. I prefer third-person narrative with dialogue in quotations and can write anywhere from two to three paragraphs to a brief novella. Nothing absolutely extreme, usually tasteful and befitting the scene. I find that it's hard to find a super fan in this genre, even with this being a classic book.

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(I act all tough, but I'm such a pushover)6) If you send me an email that only says “Hey”, says that you are only looking for smut, or anything else that tells me you haven't read my post, I reserve the right to not answer you. Oh my goodness, back in the day I used to have like a billion rules, now I can't stretch past six.

Basically, if you don't see it and you have questions- ask.

I posted here before and got good results, so I’m back with an updated roleplay search!

Right now I’m only looking for mostly fandoms, with a few original ideas. I’m not asking for a novel, but 1-2 paragraphs will do the trick, but usually I try and match my partners.

If you ask for any of these four things, I will delete your post immediately. There are a few canons I play that I'll pair with ocs, like Noel Kreiss for example. ;) I can usually manage a post (or more) a day and would love the same of my partner. My name is Kaz and I’ve been fortunate enough to find several awesome role plays through this site and am looking now for one very specific plot.