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They're all on the social life topic, with pieces of advice that work both here on Stranger Meetup and in real life.

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Before the internet became the massive multi-faceted beast it is today, before our mothers and even our grannies were online, long before the smartphone claimed world domination, we had something else. Yes, they are still around today but they were a big thing in the early days on the internet.

Not being that well traveled in my youth, I was fascinated to be able to sit at my computer in the middle of nowhere and talk to a middle-aged man from Luxemburg, a young lady from Spain, a rather obnoxious American, I forget which part, and a chap from Australia.

My memory fails me now, this was many years ago, but they all had groovy online nicknames or handles like Spanminx69 and Bad Ass48.

If I recall correctly, was Boo1001, or something like that.

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