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1: precedes the European postal code on addresses in Austria.2: anotacion, Colombia registration inscription, 1865-70. Aging: an artificial test to determine the relative permanence of paper or other materials. Air mail semi-postal stamps: air mail stamps used to raise money for charity. Aran, Republic of, Aran Islands: bogus, Ireland overprint made in 1967. Columbians: nickname applied to set of 16 stamps issued in 1893 to commemorate the 400th anniversary of Columbus's discovery of the New World; designs used again in 1998. Paid 5, Post Office 5: see Confederate Postmasters' Provisionals. Comandancia: (Sp.) military or naval command, Spanish language country markings. Fifth International Philatelic Exhibition: international stamps show held in New York City, 1956.

3: architect, South Australia official overprint, 1868-74.4: Aerovias Nacionales de Colombia S. Avianca airlines, overprint on Colombian air mail stamps of the 1950s. Aba-el-Wakf: Egypt, see: Interpostal seals, 1879-84. Airmail stamp: stamp intended to prepay airmail postage; the first recorded is the 25c rose Italian express stamp, 200,000 of which were overprinted in 1917; Flugpostmarke (Ger.), Timbre pour la Poste Aerienne (Fr.), Francobollo di Posta Aerea (It.), Sello de Correo Aereo (Sp.). Airmail stamp, first: Italy issued an adhesive air mail stamp for the Turin-Rome flight on May 19, 1917. Columbia Postal Supply Co.: manufacturer of canceling machines in use from the 1900s-50s. Comares: city in Spain, Spanish Civil War local post, Nationalist forces, 1938. Figaro: local post, Spanish civil war, Republican, 1937.

8: watermark, with Imperial Crown, used in Australian stamps, 1913-26. non-denominated stamp, valued 15-cents, placed on sale May 22, 1978. 2: (Fr.) Armée Autrichienne" (Austrian Army) 1748 British Army handstamp, for Austrian Army, usually on mail from Germany; carried by Thurn and Taxis to Belgium; see: Thurn and Taxis. AAFPO: Australian Air Force Post Offices AAI: Allied Armies, Italy. Aalborg Privatbaner: local, Denmark railway parcel. Aalesund Bypost: (Nor.) Norway local post, 1880-84. 21, 1888-1892: stamps of French Colonies surcharged A & T, see: Annam and Tonkin. Aangebragt: (Dutch) Netherlands Dutch East Indies labels; 1845-46: postage due inscription. 4: Russia surcharge, Cyrillic for Vladivostok Issue, Far Eastern Republic, 1923. 2: non-rigid LTA craft, the form of which holds the lifting gas, such as a blimp. Arab Union: political linking of Iraq and Jordan; issued stamp in 1958. Arad: 1: county and city in W Romania on the Mures River ca. A Turkish fortress outpost in the 1600s, belonging to Austria after 1685, and ceded by Austria to Romania in 1919 after WWII. 2: cover transported by air and one (or more) other (non-air) primary means in transit to the original destination; such as flight plus surface; postal markings are necessary. Ferrarities: someone who owns a number of fakes; named after Baron Philipp La Renotiere Von Ferrary, a great collector who also owned a number of fakes and forgeries. Ferrol del Caudillo: local post, Spanish civil war, Nationalist, 1937. (Falange Española Tradicionalista): (Sp.) found on civil war tax and charity stamps, Spanish right wing political party in 1933-34. Fiji: 1: hurricane relief inscription, unissued Great Britain cinderella by David Horry, 2001. Bergqvist Lokala Expressposten: Local post established by A.

9: Amic, papermaker initial as a watermark, in the one lira issue of Modena. 12: (Ger.) Auslandsbriefpriifstelle; Foreign Letter Censor Office, WW II, followed by letter indicating city. AB: Andrew Black, BEP employee initials, 1906-1928; see Plate Finisher, Siderographer. Airstream: British Post Office term for bulk mailings by air. 3: Acknowledgment of Receipt, Chile, Colombia, Montenegro and Panama. 5: USPS abbreviation for Arkansas ARA: American Revenue Association. Arabie Soudité, Royaume de l': (Fr.) inscription used on stamps of Saudi Arabia,1934-66. Administered by French; issued postage stamps in 1919 by overprinting Hungarian stamps with "Occupation fran'aise". Combination Flight Cover: cover flown by two different means in transit to the original destination. Ferrovia: (It.) train Fervente: (Port.) bright color. 2: empty boat, unissued Great Britain cinderella by David Horry, 2001. Filigrana lazos: (Sp.) horizontal watermark, used in 1855 issue of Spain. Filigrane de fabricant de papier: (Fr.) paper maker's watermark. Filigranul, filigrane (filigranele): (Rom.) watermark, watermarks. Filing crease: creases folded on a postal piece by recipient so that the mail item will fit into a folder. (also Helsingborg) seaport in Malmöhus province in SW Sweden on the Øresund Strait opposite of Helsingør, Denmark, ca. Several local posts established in the 1920s-1940s, to include Budcentralens Expresspost, Häsingborg Lokalposten, and Lokala Expressposte (q.v. Bergqvist, with individual 3 øre scarlet, dark red, and red, and 6 öre blue "Lokala Expressposten Hälsingborg" local stamps depicting the head of Mercury issued during 1937-1939, and additional stamps depicting a stylized Viking ship issued during 1946-1947. Thene Budcentralens Expresspost: Local post established by A. Wester, with lithographed (Sydsvenska Biljettryckeriet Landskrona Co.) 4 öre brown "Lokalposten / Hälsingborg" local stamp issued in 1929, an a modified design 4 öre deep purple issued in 1930.

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