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AN HOUR Went by and I said to myself, screw this fasting for a TEST. SIR, we take bookings over the net and there are a lot of them ahead of you and we will call you when they all get served!! We honour the appointments and FOR those who CAME IN, if they did not have an appointment, THEY will get served LAST. I then saw her sitting low (May be the chair sank and went low) behind the screen sipping a hot cup of java and I could see the smirk on her face or was it a grin of a Cheshire cat.

I want to find out when my turn is going to be and so I went to the side of the counter and I asked. How in the name of LORD JESUS will you ever F**KIng know when you will ever get served and in what order, if there is NO QUEUE system and NO NUMBERING that they follow. FAST is for those who go for the Marathon and the races.

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There were a dozen chairs inside and 10 or 11 people were seated and the lady who got planted in her own wheel chair was blocking a good seat and my line started to move.