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Right, just as the seminary students walked past the man in need of help.Instead, meet partners in places where singles think about romance, when they're thinking about romance.Couples are 70-90% similar regarding racial or ethnic group, education, age, and religion (see Figure 5: Similarity of Couples). Rather, race, education, age, and religion facilitate meeting.

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The section "Pheromones" showed that similarity attracts for friendship, and opposites attract for sex.

Psychologists had seminary students write speeches on the topic of "The Good Samaritan." After finishing their speeches, each student was sent to another building to read the speech to an audience. In the alley was an actor pretending to be a disheveled man in need of assistance.

School and work are the next-most common meeting locations (15-20%).

Parties and bars are good for short-term (less than one month) sexual relationships (17-25%) and not bad for marriages (8-10%).

Look for the table "Employed Civilians, by Occupation, Sex, Race, and Hispanic Origin" (Table 588 in the 2002 edition).

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